TAXI Project

TAXI Project

Informed Turbulence and Accelerated Architectures for Immerflow

The research and development project TAXI (Turbulence informed and Architectures accelerated for Immerflow) under the Call POR FESR 2014-2020 – Piedmont Region “Attraction investments. Financial support to the attraction and the rooting of investments in Piedmont – cod. III.3c.1.2” will focus on developing the computational core of a new product. It is a software for numerical analysis of fluid dynamics problems based on the paradigm of immersed contours with adaptive refinement capabilities of the calculation grid, whose name is immerflow.

The activities of the research and development project will be aimed at achieving three main objectives:

  • the improvement in relation to the current state of the physical models, specifically the turbulence models, present in the software in order to widen the range of problems that can be addressed and increase the reliability of the results obtained;
  • the ability to run software on hardware architectures for high performance computing (HPC) accelerated by means of graphic accelerators (GPU);
  • the possibility to release the product as Software as a Service (saas), with subscription license model and centralization of computing.


ESTECO partners with Optimad

ESTECO partners with OPTIMAD to offer embedded Explainable AI

The venture is going to bring advanced ML and XAI capabilities into ESTECO digital engineering software solutions.

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OPTIMAD will be closed from December 23rd until January 9th.