Our software developers combine proficiency in computer science with in-depth knowledge in mathematical modelling. They have all the competences to adapt our tools according your specifications in order to enhance their capabilities or in order to integrate them seamlessly in your work-flow to increase productivity.
We may develop new software from scratch if your specific application requires so. Please check the scientific areas of our competences. Customer-driven developments may be included in the open-source framework or released as a proprietary add-on to the framework.
Our tools may be integrated with your proprietary or open-source tools into your in-house environment. Some of the third-party open-source software tools employed in our process:
DAKOTA · DraftSight · FreeFEM · Freemat · Gmsh · Google SketchUP · GNU Octave · OpenFOAM · R · Salome · Scilab · WRF

PASO – Platform for Automatic Shape Optimization

PASO is a highly automatized suite for aerodynamic shape optimization, which integrates external open-source software with Optimad tools*:

  • Automatic optimization -> DAKOTA

  • CFD analysis -> OpenFOAM + Reduced Order Models*

  • Parameterization and morphing geometries -> mimic*

If you want to have some more information about PASO, please contact us