Our engineers have a long-time industrial experience in engineering consultancy to provide you with the required support in your product innovation process. No one knows better how our tools may be used in order to maximise the performance and the efficiency of your products, but in addition we use best-in-class open-source and proprietary software in order to enhance the basin of target application and technology.

In case it is needed, we can go further: our engineers may ask for the involvement of our R&D department or any of our academic or industrial partners to provide cutting-edge tools for your product definition phase. If requested, we may provide on-site support to your engineering department.


  • steady and unsteady aerodynamics

  • performance of turbomachinery

  • thermal comfort and climatisation

  • low order models for thermal assessment and combustion

  • wind engineering and wind power feasibility

  • air pollutant dispersion

Design & Optimization:

  • preliminary design

  • shape optimization

  • robust optimization

  • sensitivity analysis