In OPTIMAD you’ll find a unique ensemble of scientific and industrial competencies. Simulation engineers, data scientists, experts in numerical methods, experts in data visualization and software engineers work together to help you innovate your business.

Products Optimization & Processes

We can help you in designing better products and processes by using state-of-the-art simulation and optimization technology. Virtual testing can reduce drastically development time and cost and optimization algorithms can assure the superiority of your products in terms of energy efficiency and performance.


We have a profound knowledge of fluid dynamics and thermodynamics, aero-acoustics and fluid-structure-interaction, reacting flows and multi-phase systems, active and passive flow control.

We have a sound experience in:

  • aerodynamics in the automotive, railway, aeronautical and space industry;
  • quantification of passenger and occupant comfort, including multi-scale modellization of HVAC systems and complex heat-transfer patterns;
  • biological and chemical reactors and mixing devices;
  • wind loads and comfort predictions for Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industry;
  • valves.


Optimization algorithms are the core of any decision-support system. We introduce multi-objective, multi-constrained optimization technology in the preliminary design phase within a model-based-system-engineering approach. Adjoint-based optimization, evolutionary algorithms, uncertainty quantification and robust optimization are the key technologies that are employed within OPTIMAD for detailed 3D shape optimization.

Software Development & Digital Assets

Digital models, shadows and twins

Digital assets of products and processes are cornerstones for the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry. These digital assets are defined as either Digital Model (no coupling), Digital Shadow (one-way from physical to digital) or Digital Twin (bi-directional) based on the level of connectivity with the physical assets. OPTIMAD combines exceptional know-how in mathematical-physical modelling and data science to create an accurate digital replica in intelligent cyber-physical systems.

Automation of simulation workflow and corporate delivery

When simulation reaches a certain level of maturity within the organization, it might be beneficial to propagate this technology from simulation engineers to other teams within the organization. OPTIMAD can help you to automate even the most complex simulation tasks and set up the software stack together with corporate IT to maximize the exploitation of your digital assets.

Technology Scouting & Applied research

OPTIMAD is a research-driven company. Scouting at the low level of technology readiness and early identification of high-potential research is an everyday task of our R&D department and a pillar of our competitive advantage. OPTIMAD has a wide network of research partners and together we can assist you in scouting and developing break-through simulation technology for your organization to assure your competitive advantage.