Open source library for scientific HPC

bitpit is a open source modular C++ library for scientific computing. The goal of bitpit is to ease the burden of writing scientific programs provinding the common bulding blocks needed by every scientific application.

Each module of bitpit is developed to address a specific aspect of real-life application development. Modules can be used as building blocks to quickly develop a high-perfomance scientific application. The library consist of several modules ranging from low level functionalities like algebrical operators to high level functionalities like the evaluation of distance functions on computational meshes.

The modules of bitpit are :

  • Basic Modules (Operators, Containers, Communications)

  • Input/Ouput

  • Linear Algebra

  • Discretization (Linear Operator Stencils Handling)

  • Radial Basis Functions manipulator

  • Sort Algorithms

  • Computational Geometry

  • Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD)

  • Mesh Modules

    • PABLO – PArallel Balanced Linear Octree

    • Patch Kernel

      • Unstructured surface patch

      • Cartesian/Octree/Unstructured volume patch

  • Level Set


Please visit bitpit website for helpful tutorials and Doxygen documentation. Current stable version of the library is available at
If you want to contribute by using and testing bitpit, please clone the repository or download it and give us your feedback including any comments, bug reports and suggestions.