Computer Aided surface manipulation and mesh morphing

mimic is an advanced tool that provides mesh manipulation and mesh morphing capabilities. mimic is the commercial evolution of mimmo open source library.
The aim of mimic is to provide the necessary tools to perform morphing operations on surface and volume meshes in complex design projects.
Several advanced deformation techniques are available and different continuity constraints are permitted. More…

Surface manipulation and mesh morphing library

mimmo is an open source C++ library for manipulation and morphing of surface and volume meshes. The aim of mimmo is to provide a free framework of tools for numerical applications, capable to perform quick shape modifications on meshed geometries without passing from re-design stages. More…

Open source library for scientific HPC

bitpit is a open source modular C++ library for scientific computing. The goal of bitpit is to ease the burden of writing scientific programs provinding the common bulding blocks needed by every scientific application. Main efforts are dedicated to handle different types of computational meshes, their runtime adaptation and data transfer for parallel applications. More…