From 25th to 29th of August 2018 Riccardo Iannarelli (EPFL) will exhibit a joint work with OPTIMAD Engineering S.r.l. at the 23rd International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering (CHISA) 2018 in Prague. The lecture will focus on the content of the paper Iannarelli R., Novello A. M., Stricker D., Cisternino M., Gallizio F., Sawley M. L., Meyer T., “Use of numerical simulation as an educational tool to improve safety in research institutions“, CHISA 2018, Section: Chemical engineering education. The paper introduces to the awareness and the education to the hazards involved in research institutions working environment and to the development of new safety measures on the basis of CFD analysis of gas pollutants dispersion. The results of this work are used not only to place detectors in the most efficient locations, but also to make the researchers aware of the risk a person is exposed, exploiting the strong impact of image and video data from simulations.