mimmo 1.3.0 released

OPTIMAD Engineering Srl is glad to announce the release of version 1.3.0 of mimmo, open source library for mesh morphing and manipulation. The release mimmo 1.3.0 introduces some new features aimed to volume mesh morphing and minor fixes.

Major items of mimmo 1.3.0 release

  • Reading and writing STL solid names in multiSolid STL have been introduced.

  • OpenFoam class interface now depending on OpenFoam native libraries. Compatibility is ensured fro 2.x, 3.x 4.x and 5.x OpenFoam Foundation versions, and ESI-OpenFoam v1606+, v1806+.

  • Reading multizone unstructured mesh is now allowed in I/O cgns handling class.

  • Heaviside base functions to Mimmo Radial Basis Function morphing object are available.

  • New WEDGE (triangular prism) elementary basic shape has been introduced for Free Form Deformation lattices.

  • New blocks to triangulate and refine surface meshes have been introduced in the geohandlers module.

  • The propagators module has now added. This allows the propagation of scalar/vector surface field inside a bulk volume mesh employing solution of Laplacian systems by using the surface fields as boundary conditions.

  • Checking a volume mesh is now possible through the new MeshCjecker block.

  • The new class to project 3d curves or surfaces on a target surface mesh has been added.

  • Module block object is has been introduced to compute the magnitude field of a generic input vector field and minor changes.

  • Bugfixes and minor changes.