immerFLOW is a high-productivity CFD solver conceived for 100% automated simulation cycles with fast turnaround times through excellent exploitation of HPC infrastructure.

100% Immersed Boundaries

immerFLOW is based on a proprietary Immersed Boundary Technology, that guarantees accurate results from incompressible to supersonic flows. Complex geometries are handled without difficulty even in the presence of movement or large deformation of the solid boundaries.

Mesh generation made trivial

Mesh generation, probably the most tedious task in any CFD workflow, is drastically simplified and allows for straight-forward automation. The mesh is adapted on runtime to assure accuracy where needed.

Optimized for optimization

immerFLOW will allow you to explore any design space you have in mind, since meshing or morphing are circumvented. Furthermore, immerFLOW is equipped with an adjoint solver to compute efficiently gradients of a cost function with respect to a high-dimensional design space.