Partnerships: INRIA
Numerical schemes, Level-Set methods and reduced order modelling

Together with the team of Prof. Iollo, OPTIMAD develops numerical methods using non-conforming computational grids combined with Level-Set descriptions for moving interfaces. Particular attention is paid to highly scalable algorithms in order to be employed on large-scale HPC infrastructure.


Politecnico di Torino | Department of Mathematical Science

Partnerships: DISMA logo
Reduced Order Models for Aerodynamic Shape Optimisation

OPTIMAD develops with the research group of Prof. Canuto on the development of reduced order models to be employed in the context of aerodynamic shape optimization of cars.

Crow simulation in buildings and urban context

Crow simulation is addressed my an analogy to fluid flows. OPTIMAD develops tools for the efficient calculation of all relevant metrics, while Prof. Preziosi and his team develop the mathematical models which describe the behaviour of the crowd.


Politecnico di Torino |
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Partnerships: DIMEAS
Flow control through trapped vortices

Prof. Zannetti has an outstanding long-time experience in flow control techniques by stabilizing vortices.

Reacting hypersonic flows

Together with Prof. D’Ambrosio we develop models and numerical tools for the simulation of reacting flows for space re-entry applications.

Inertial wave energy converter

OPTIMAD collaborated with Prof. Mattiazzo in the numerical simulations of interactions of ocean waves with the hull of an energy conversion device.


SCAI SuperComputing Applications and Innovation

Partnerships: SCAI

Being a department of the CINECA, Italy’s largest computing centre, SCAI provides high-quality services for scientific High-Performance Computing. OPTIMAD and SCAI collaborate in the development of HPC-Cloud based services.


Università degli Studi dell’Insubria |
Dipartimento di Scienza e Alta Tecnologia

Partnerships: Università_dell'Insubria
Simulation of rarefied gas flows

OPTIMAD is collaborating on the Ph.D. thesis of Florian Bernard, which is jointly supervised by Prof. Gabriella Puppo (Università degli Studi dell’Insubria) and Prof. Angelo Iollo (INRIA). The aim of the thesis is to develop schemes for the efficient numerical simulation of rarefied flows which may be easily coupled with continuous flow solvers. Typical applications are in the domain of high-altitude and vacuum flows.


University of Strathclyde | Intelligent Computational Engineering

Partnerships: ICE
Robust Optimization under uncertainty

OPTIMAD co-funded the Ph.D. thesis of Dr. Martin Kubicek supervised by Dr. Edmondo Minisci (director of the Intelligent Computational Engineering laboratory) titled “High Dimensional Uncertainty Propagation for Hypersonic Flows and Entry Propagation”. Methods and tools developed by Martin proved to be very efficient to treat a broad range of problems, and are now commercialised within the framework of the start-up SMUP-UQ.


Wolf Dynamics

Wolf Dynamics
Framework for shape optimisation

OPTIMAD and Wolf Dynamics share the same DNA. Both companies are academic Spin-Offs and experts in fluid dynamic shape optimisation. We develop jointly an opensource frame-work for design optimisation and design exploration. OPTIMAD is focusing on shape parametrization techniques whereas Wolf Dynamics develops tools for data visualisation and analytics.