As a player in technology transfer, OPTIMAD pursuits firmly the Open Innovation paradigm in order to promote exchange of cutting-edge research and to maximise potential exploitation. Transpiring boundaries can be found in our SDK products as well as through the APIs provided by our front-end applications, but also in our approach to research and intellectual property, which promote the diffusion of high-quality vertical specializations into an across-the-board framework. Beyond that we promote mobility with industry and academia, from and to our company, in order to diffuse knowledge and inter-disciplinarity


[ your, our, common ] technology
[ your, our, common ] business

We believe that the smartest way to adopt a new technology is by involving who invented it, and the best way to promote it is by providing it to experienced market players. Whoever that is.


From and to academia

You developed a fantastic new algorithm for surface and volume mesh generation and you think it may be interesting for industry?
Just derived a new numerical scheme which is suitable at any flow speed but you need to test it in an industrial context?
Have a ground-breaking multi-disciplinary research in mind and need a partner in fluid mechanics?


From and to industry

You develop a library for computational chemistry which may be integrated with our simulation library and you believe that together we could both go further?
The company you work for is active in the field of energy efficiency of buildings and you need a well suited solver for heat and mass transfer but you don’t want to develop it on your own?

If you’re in a similar situations, feel free contact us at