OPTIMAD has developed original tools which may help the Marine and Ground Transportation industry to tackle technological challenges in the field of energy efficiency, performance improvement and riding comfort.


lambo_3Our competences:

  • aero- and hydro-dynamic analysis

  • conjugate heat transfer

  • prediction of passenger comfort

  • multi-phase flows

Our incompressible flow solver is based on immersed interface formulation, which allows a straight-forward treatment of complex geometries, free-surface flows and is particularly suited for shape and topological optimisation.

  • advanced shape-parametrization using Free-Form Deformation

  • automatic mesh generation and mesh adaptivity

  • moving interfaces through Level-Sets


We have a sound background in flow control theory which may be applied in order to decrease aerodynamic drag, provide lift increase or augment passenger comfort by reducing flow separations, unsteady loads, acoustic sources

  • morphing shapes

  • porous media

  • synthetic jets

  • vortex traps

OPTIMAD develops hybrid 1D-3D modelling tools, which provide a framework for multi-scale simulation of fluid cycles.


Marine & Ground Transportation