Consumer Goods industry works in likely the most open and huge market of the planet. The companies are very different from each other and their needs too. However, every player has to be one step beyond its competitors providing always brand new solutions in its products. OPTIMAD Engineering has gained experience in brown, white and sport goods industry, introducing advanced design approaches from hi-tech industries with the aim of improving the performance of the products in this industrial sector or analyzing performance details for giving the manufacturer a deeper insight of its products.

Consumer goods

During the years we increased expertise in:

  • estimation of the pressure losses in ducts and forced-air systems

  • fan design and optimisation

  • characterization and control of fluid systems

  • combustion models for industrial heaters

  • thermofluid dynamics for heat exchangers

Currently our experience in sport engineering gained from these topics:

  • hang glider shape optimisation

  • design of high performance sails

  • analysis and design of oar blades and rudders

  • flow control for sport helmets

Consumer goods