OPTIMAD develops innovative fluid dynamic solvers for the Aeronautics & Space industry. Particular attention of our developments has been paid to the treatment of complex and morphing geometries and their efficient representation on the most suited computational grid for the particular application.

Aeronautics & Space

Advanced features:

  • immersed boundaries for inviscid flows

  • Chimera grids for High-Reynolds number flows

  • adaptive mesh refinement

  • mesh parametrization

Advanced applications:

  • aeroelasticity

  • non-linear aerodynamic derivatives

  • control surface deflection and maneuvering

  • rarefied flows using the BGK model

Furthermore this framework is particularly suited to be used for aerodynamic shape optimization.
OPTIMAD has strong competences in the following fields:

  • adjoint equations

  • Hessian calculations & approximations

  • mesh deformation

  • parameterization based on Free-Form Deformation

  • robust optimization under uncertainty

  • reduced order modelling