When you join OPTIMAD, you create a new generation of software to enable the digital transformation of product development cycles and design processes. You collaborate with national and international companies to support them in aerodynamic analysis, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and design optimization projects.


Work doesn’t have to feel like work

Investment in your career

Learning, self-improvement and continuous growth. These are the keywords of OPTIMAD culture. That's why we encourage employees to attend conferences, events or courses, to help them advance their careers.

Diversity and inclusion

At OPTIMAD, we welcome diverse cultures, diverse knowledge, diverse experiences and diverse ages, because great ideas come from everywhere.


Our emphasis is always on "team". For this reason, at the core of our culture you'll find our amazing people. At OPTIMAD we collaborate to achieve common goals and grow together. We enjoy working together and having fun while we do it.

An inspiring environment

OPTIMAD is located in a creative hub dedicated to working. In these places, you will be immersed in an environment that hosts a community of freelancers, workgroups, companies and startups. Working on our projects is challenging, but it’s better in an inspiring environment.


Our comprehensive compensation package goes beyond salary and standard benefits.

Flexible Schedule

We value work-life balance, which is why we give you the flexibility to adjust your schedule around our core business hours

Work from home

In OPTIMAD we want our members to be satisfied with their work without neglecting their lives. With us you can take advantage of a flexible home-work program.

Paid Time Off

In OPTIMAD you have a generous amount of PTO to cultivate your interests, stay with your family or just enjoy life.

Parental Leave & Childcare

We offer a period of abstention from work granted to parents to take care of the child. We help you meet his needs in the first years of life

Health & Life Assurance

We offer an affiliated fund for health coverage

Referral Bonus

We’re always looking to hire the best talent, and we involved our own employees to find the next team member

Open positions:

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We are always looking for curious and dynamic people, with a strong passion for innovation.
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Business Developer Italy/Europe

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