We blend mathematical modelling, numerical simulation and machine learning to deliver innovation.


Our tools streamline the aerodynamic design process


mimic is a geometry parameterization and mesh morphing tool for complex design projects, and demanding optimization scenarios.



immerFLOW is a CFD solver conceived for 100% automated simulation cycles with fast turn around times through HPC infrastructure.



With romBOX you can simulate the most complex What-If scenarios just in real-time.



We support companies to design better products and assist them in their digital transformation journey.
We build innovation together with our customers.

Products Optimization & Process

We sit by your side to stimulate technology transfer. This is our way of consulting.

Software Development & Digital Assets

We develop best-in-calss software that encapsulates deep mathematical & physical knowledge.

Technology Scouting & Applied Research

We can help you in scouting and developing new technologies.


Building innovation together with customer partners

OPTIMAD Srl was founded in 2006 as an engineering consultancy and software-house. With more than 15 years of experience and thanks to its highly specialized staff, OPTIMAD supports international companies for engineering analysis and optimization and develops first-class software for aerodynamic analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), and the optimization of design.

OPTIMAD’s goal is to improve business workflows and reduce resources for its customer and partners.

Since its foundation, OPTIMAD has believed in the importance of technology transfer. Today research is the added value of OPTIMAD and, to be a step forward, the company is constantly investing in the future.