Computer Aided ManIpulation by Level set for Optimization

CAMILO not more maintained. Please refer to the new product MIMIC.

CAMILO is tool to manipulate 3D object shapes, based on Free Form Deformation (FFD) and Level Set (LS) techniques. It has been developed at Optimad Engineering srl and it will be released under the GNU Lesser General Public License.
CAMILO combines intuitive free-form shape modifications with an accurate control of geometrical constraints, ensured by the implicit representation of the 3D object.


CAMILO works in four basic step:

  • Import the triangulated mesh of your object.

  • Select a deformable portion of the object (patch) and define the grid of FFD control nodes.

  • Evaluate the Level Set of the deformable patch.

  • Move the FFD control nodes and deform the object.


CAMILO is specifically designed to integrate an automatic shape management in Fluid-Dynamic inverse processes, such as optimization.
At the moment, CAMILO is in beta testing and developers are completing documentations and tutorials. It will be available at as soon as possible. If you want to start using/testing CAMILO, please contact us.